The Ezio Chiappe S.r.l is a Shipment Enterprise that operates in the field of the services of logistics and the customs activities since 1965.

We are present in Livorno and in the other main Italian ports, with local units or direct correspondents.

The simplified Edi customs procedures allows our dedicated staff to quickly perform customs formalities within our offices, making custom clearing process quick and smooth also reducing to a minimum the risk of spreading documents to external offices.

AUTHORIZED ECONOMIC OPERATOR “AEO-Full” certificate, released by EC Customs, gives evidence of our solvency and customs reliability.
Our structure is subdivided in units that carry out at several distinguished activities, maintaining a close collaboration between them, using to the best advantages of the several synergies.

Our activities and our methods of working are above all aimed to satisfy the needs and the expectations of our customers through continuous improvement of the performances, assuring that ours suppliers respect the ethical principles and the norms which are stated in the Certification of Quality, a target that the company Ezio Chiappe s.r.l has reached in December 1998 achieving the certification quality according to the norms UNI EN ISO 9001 with the released certificate n.1935 from CERTIQUALITY.

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Ezio Chiappe srl

Via Grande, 225
57123 Livorno (Italia)

Tel. +39 0586 890312

Fax +39 0586 889599

P.IVA IT 01265710499

UNI ISO 9001:2015- CERTIFICATO 1935